Brahmanbaria is a district in east central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Division. It was part of greater Comilla District until 1984. Before 1830 the sarail Pargana was a part of Mymensingh district. The has 4 municipalities, 39 wards, 97 Mahallah, 9 Upazilas 98 Union parishads, 1052 mouzas and 1329 villages.
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Geography :
Brahmanbaria is a district is located at the east central Bangladesh. It has a total area of 1927.11 km2 Brahmanbaria is bounded by Kishoreganj District and Habiganj District on the Narsingdi District and Narayangonj district on the west.
The geography of the district is characterized by low-lying land with small hills and hillocks of red soil. Annual highest average temperature is 34.3 ◦C Total annual rainfall is 2551 mm. The main rivers of the district are the Meghna River, the Titas River, Buri and Haora.[1]
Administrative units
Brahmanbaria district is divided into eight Upzillas (Previously known as Thanas) as below: .[2]
• Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazila
• Ashuganj Upazila.
• Nasirnagar Upazila
• Nabinagar Upazila
• Sarail Upazila
• Kasba Upazila
• Akhaura Upazila
• Bancharampur Upazila
• Bijoynagar(New)creat-dec2010
The current District and Sessions Judge is Mr. A F M Mostafa, Chief Judicial Magistrate is Mr Shafiul Azam DC is Mr Md Mannan, SP is Mr, Md Mukhlesor Rahman.
Parliament Constituencies
There are six Jatiyo Shangshad constituenceies in Brahmanbaria district. These constituencies and the current Members of Parliament are .[3]
• Natioanl seat no 243 Brahmanbaria 1 (Current MP Mohammad Sayedul Haq)
• Natioanl seat no 244 Brahmanbaria 2 (Current MP Ziaul Haque Mridha)
• Natioanl seat no 245 Brahmanbaria 3 (Current MP R A M Obaydul Muktadir Chowdhury)
• Natioanl seat no 246 Brahmanbaria 4 (Current MP Mohammad Shah Alam)
• Natioanl seat no 247 Brahmanbaria 1 (Current MP Shah Zikrul Ahmad)
• Natioanl seat no 248 Brahmanbaria 1 (Current MP A B Tajul Islam)
Brahmanbaria has a rich tradition of nurturing art. education and culture, It is often figuratively called the cultural capital of Bangladesh. To the dield of literature the contributions of Adyta Mallavarman, Jotirindra Nandi, Abdul Kadir, Fazal Shahabuddin are remarkable. The town also represents a rich tradition of musicalendeavor, Ustad Allauddin khan, the great musical talent of the sub continent and the father of Maihar Gharana of classical indian music was born in this district in 1862.[3]
Others who contributed to the arena of music from Brahmanbaria significantly are; Ustad Fakir(Tapas) Aftab Uddin khan, Ustad Ayet Ali khan, Ustad Ali Akbor Khan, Ustad Khadem Hussain Khan, Ustad Raja Hussain Khan, Ustad amar paul, Ustad khurshid Khan, Ustad Khadem Hussain Khan, Subal Das, Ustad Syed Abdul Hadi and Ustad Afjalur Rahman. Ustad Ayet Ali Khan established the Alauddin Music College in Brahmanbaria in 1957 and shilpacharya Zainul Abedin extablised the Alauddin Sangitayan in 1975 Mohorshee Monomohan Dutta is also a remarkable name for his “Molaya” music Sachin Dev burman(Better known as SD Burman), the renowned musician of the sub-continent,spent some time in Brahmanbaria Mr Umesh Chandra Roy was one of the greatest musicians of Alauddin Music instituter,
Al Mahmud, one of the leading poets of modern Bengali, was born in Brahmanbaria in 1936. .[5] .[6]
History :
Brahmanbaria was a part of Samatata janapada of the ancient Bengal. The first and temporary capital of Isa khan was at Sarail, located at 10km north of Brahmanbaria Town. During the Mughal era, Brahmanbaria was famouse for producing quality cloth Muslin.
Brahmanbaria was made one of the 3 Sub-divisions of of Comilla District by the British rules in 1860[1] Brahmanbaria Municipality was eastablished in 1868. It became part of East Pakistan in 1947 which eventually became independent Bangladesh in 1971.

During the 19th century, Brahmanbaria produced great national leasders like Nawab Syed Shamsul Huda, who became president of All India Muslim League in 1921, and Barrister Abdul Rasul a front ranking leader of Indian National Congress. When the swadeshi movement began in the wake of the partition of Bengal(1905), Brahmanbaria born revollutionary Ullaskar Datta(Aviram) was convicted for throwing bomb and was deported to the Andamans. On 14 December 1931 Sunit Chowdhury, Shanti Gosh and Gopal Deb killed the then District magistrate CCB Stenvens at his resedence by gunshot. During the peasent movement in 1930, Congress leader Abdul Hakim asked the peasants to stop payment of taxes. During the non-rent movement , four civilianswere killed when the British soldiers indiscriminately fired on civilians.

Upon encouragent of Oli Ahad, a piodneer Language Movement leader who hailed from Brahmanbaria, the movement obtained momentum in this district in 1952. [7]

Bir Sreshtho Mostafa Kamal obtained martydom in an encounter at Daruin of Akhaura during the War of Independence in 1971.[8] The graveyard of this hero is situated at Mogra. Intellectual, freedom fighter, general secretary-east Pakistan labor federation, shahid(late)ABM Abdur Rahim born here on lst January , 1935 Mullah Bari, village Ghatiara union Bashudeb , police station & district Brahmanbaria. Pakistan army arrest ABM Abdur Rahim , his work place ujalla match factory, postogola Dhaka 5th may 1971, when he addressing secret meeting his work place with his struff, worker & local about participate liberation war as a freedom fighter for inddependent Bangladesh. Pakistan army convicted as a state-enemy . They start a Police case as state-poenemy against ABM Abdur Rahim at Tejgon police station same day . He couldn’t come bake from Pakistan army’s custody.After liberation Bangabandhu shiekh Mojibar Rahman wrote a leter Rahim’s family with sorrow & he gives money his wife. Bangladesh postal department published postal stamp as his honour , Bangla Academy published a book “smrity ‘71” part 4 by Rashid Haydar .
B.baria At a Glance
Area: 1927km2
Upazila Road: 564.44 km
Union Road: 646.56Km
Village Road: 1321.62Km VA
2110.14Km VB
Population: 2398254
Density: 1244 Km2
Literacy: 39.46
No. of Upazila: 9
No. of Union: 96
No. of Pourashava: 5
No. of Primary School: 1044
No. of High School: 257
No. of College: 40
Procurment, B.baria