Procurements of LGED, IFT AND EOIS

Division Wise Procurement
1 Barisal division
2 Chittagong division
3 Dhaka division
4 Khulna division
5 Rajshahi division
6 Rangpur division
7 Sylhet division

Head Quarters
Sl. Tender No Publish Date Last Date Description Details
1 RCIP EOI for PISC 10/05/2018 20/06/2018 Request for Expression of Interest for recruitment of Project Implementation Support Consultant (PISC) | Rural Connectivity Improvement Project (RCIP) Details
2 CRIM CCAUD EOI 23/05/2018 20/06/2018 Invitation for Expression of Interest /Submission of Pre-Qualification Documents for consulting services for supporting the implementation of the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Mainstreaming (CRIM) project incorporating the Climate Change-Adapted Urban Development Programme (CCAUD) Satkhira Component Phase I. [Ref-No: FP 0004 and 2014 67 984 / 2150 10 293] Details
3 IPCP EOI for Individual Consultant 21/05/2018 21/06/2018 EOI for Individual Consultant | Improvement of Ponds, Canals Across the Country Project Details
4 DIRIP-II EOI for Consulting firm 30/05/2018 04/07/2018 Expression of Interest (EoI) for selection of Consulting firm | Development of Important Rural Infrastructure Project(Phase-II) Details
5 FDDRIRP EOI for Individual Consultant 12/06/2018 11/07/2018 Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Individual Consultant | Flood & Disaster Damaged Rural Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project Details
6 HILIP EOI for GA 24/06/2018 17/07/2018 Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) For National Individual Consultant: Gender Advisor | Haor Infrastructure and Livelihood Improvement Project Details

LGED Units
Sl. Tender No Publish Date Last Date Description Details
0 Technical Support EOI for IC 03/06/2018 25/06/2018 Request for Expression of Interest For Selection of Individual Consultant | Superintending Engineer (Technical Support) Details
Chief Engineer, LGED
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