Important Urban Infrastructure Development Project (IUIDP) (IUIDP)


About 25% of the population of Bangladesh lives in urban areas. The present trend of urban population increase indicates that by 2020 about 40% of the total population of Bangladesh will be live in Urban areas. The people of the ru   more...

Project Information Table
Implementing Agency : LGED
Project Code : 5022
Project Name : Important Urban Infrastructure Development Project (IUIDP)
Name of PD : Md. Mosleh Uddin
Date of Approval :
Starting Date : Jul-2010
Completion Date : Dec-2018
Financial Year :
Source of Fund :
Total GOB PA
Project Cost : 115098.90 Lakh BDT
Commulative Expenditure :
Physical Progress :
Progress Reporting Date :
Comments :

At a Glance
Short Title: IUIDP
Ministry: LGRD
Executing Agency: LGED
Approval Ref:
Project Code: 5022
Sector: Urban
Status: Ongoing Investment Project
Donor: GOB.
Budget: 115098.90 Lakh BDT
Start Date: Jul-2010
Completion Date: Dec-2018
Name of PD: Md. Mosleh Uddin