MIS Section

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)
Level-4, LGED Bhaban, Agargaon, Shere Bangla Nagar Dhaka-1207.Bangladesh. +88-02-9128405


Internet Speed (Daily)

Internet speed at LGED HQ on 17.04.2016 (Green line: DL speed, Blue line:UL speed)

Support List (Weekly)

MIS Section provided support to 38 (Network related-22 & Hardware related-16) tickets generated by the users during last week (17-21 May, 2015) and all the tickets were solved. 

Internet Bandwidth Consumption (Weekly)

Internet Bandwidth consumed at LGED HQ during last week (3-7 May, 2015)

Activity Plan

Sl No.



Time Schedule


Present Status



Development of Bangla version of LGED website

·         An outsourced firm will be engaged to develop the website

·         Develop Bangla web portal in computer language and platform acceptable to LGED management

·         Initially the content of home page will be translated in Bangla while other pages information will be translated from respective units, projects and districts


November, 2014 – February, 2015


Launched successfully.


Updating of existing LGED website


·         Decentralization to update the web pages from each entity

·         Monitoring the updating status

·         Taking initiation to upgrade the website



·      All entities are given access and manual to update their own portion of LGED website

·      Letter and SMS have been sent to update the website several times

·      The progress of updating has been increased

·      Depending on the requirement, new tabs and option has been created at LGED website



Implementation of IT-ICT-MIS strategy under RTIP-II

·         A firm will be engaged to implement these activities

·         Assist the firm to implement the strategic actions

·         Monitor and understand every task as implemented by firm under IT-ICT activities

32 months starting from January, 2015

·      Awarded Firm has been engaged by RTIP-II

·      Inception report has been submitted by the firm

·      Comments of ICT unit have been given to improve the inception report


Up gradation of LAN system at LGED HQ

·         Design and estimate for upgrading the LAN

·         Process for procuring the equipment

·         Re-establishing the LAN

February – August 2015

Procurement process is on progress; contract will be awarded soon.


LAN, Internet and hardware support at LGED HQ

·         Ticketing generation system for problem addressing

·         Problem solution as early as possible



1,694 (Network support 1,066 & Hardware support 628) tickets generated and solved

Local Area Network design and development
Internet service provide to LGED officials
Website Development and maintenance
Software Development and maintenance
Develop & Maintain suitable and reliable central file server facilities for the storage of all files including databases and graphics files
To establish and maintain communications between internal users and external personnel through an email system and the internet
To establish and maintain security system in terms of backup power supplies, effective virus protection procedures